Saturday, 5 November 2016

Recalcitrant Daze - Not Dead Yet...Open Days and Little Plastic Men

I'm still breathing, just very busy...

However I decided quite late that I can spare a day out this weekend at the 40k Open Day.

I'm not there today (or i'd just be posting pictures), instead I am going tomorrow. So while I won't be posting up anything you won't already have seen today I am sure in amongst the many, many pictures I put up there will be something worth seeing.

Sunday is also the Golden Demon day so I'll be trying to get some decent shots from that as well.

I also had tickets arrive today for the Heresy Weekender. Alas it is still three months away but it will be worth waiting for.

While I am of course delighted to be able to benefit from getting these on pre-order due to previously attending I can fully understand peoples annoyance at missing out when there are people who buy these tickets purely to sell on at huge profit.

I saw only this morning someone selling a Weekender ticket for £200 on eBay. People taking advantage of the 4 ticket per person limit to make money off those who couldn't benefit from the pre-orders. Shame FW can't act and cancel the ticket and strike the person off the list.

I don't begrudge someone selling a spare ticket at face value, done it myself plenty of times with spare gig tickets, but setting out to screw someone over is beyond the pale in my eyes.


As well as the 40k Open Day tomorrow I am going to the IPMS Model Show next weekend.

As such you can expect two weekends of posts full of many pictures of models. Just need to stop myself spending too much over the two events.

Especially as I picked up this...


  1. Looking forward to your coverage, and yes ticket resales really irk... but not as much as the price for the Nottingham exclusive Chaplain! If you spend over a hundred tomorrow I'd love one if you can pick one up?? ;) He'd make a great Relictor! Shame I don't live nearer Nottingham....

    1. Happy to say the only money I spent was on a burger in Bugmans and two raffle tickets.

      More chance at the next event I drop more than a century though.