Sunday, 27 November 2016

Blood Bowl, Zone Mortalis and Twitter

Things are still packed over here, too much work, too little time.

However, as always is the way having no time to do do anything with models hasn't stopped me buying them.

Blood Bowl...

Ah, Blood Bowl, lovely, lovely Blood Bowl.

In the box is also Death Zone with the extra rules. In there is the Nurgle team, I will be waiting for those to arrive before really 'doing' a team. The human and Orcs in the box will just get built to get some games in. They'll stay in the coloured plastic they come in I think.

Zone Mortalis.

I've been sorting through my Adeptus Mechanicum models and sorted out the 500 point force I'll be working on over Christmas with the plan of getting them done for the Horus Heresy Weekender in February.

The force numbers seven models. Surely I can manage that? Especially when one is already built...

In the Blood Bowl order I also picked up the set of daftly named Haemotrope Reactors. I plan to use these as terrain in Zone Mortalis. I admit now I'm not a fan of the big AM skull panel and the Orky like exhaust things, they will definitely be left off.


So I've done something I never planned to do. I've joined Twitter. Not, I hasten to add, to follow vacuous celebrities and their ilk. When I was at Warhammer World for the 40k Open Days I got talking to someone whose work I admired but who no longer posts on his blog or on forums. He finds being able to put up the odd update on Twitter far easier.

It occurred to me that I might be missing out on the work by others, known or unknown to me, by not being on their.

So I signed up. And at that point I'm not sure what else to do. I'm guessing the next step is to start following people. Who is the question.

So if you know of anyone on Twitter who is worth following (hobby related...) please give me a heads up.

I plugged for @Rictus40k on there. As annoyingly someone already had the version without the '40k' bit added on, rather inconsiderate of them wasn't it?

Update: I've done my first tweet. Oh the excitement in the Recalcitrant Daze household is almost electric I tell you.

If you search #RecalcitrantDaze you should be able to find me. Or not. I don't really know what I am doing.


  1. Just had a search and can't find you on there. Not sure why.

    I am @nafnaff81 if you fancy following me :)

    1. Dunno why you can't find me, definitely on there. Found you and followed.

  2. I'm planning to use the reactor as well for zone mortalis terrain. The skull face I agree isn't very useful, but the other side is great. I'm going to make a mold of it and use complete castings to cover the floors of some rooms and partial casts to make the raised bottom cylinder portion to cover some walls.

    1. I've contemplated modifying and casting bits but i'm not sure I'll need more than one box's worth, possibly two.


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