Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Recalcitrant Daze - Things.

So here we are with another post Meet Up – post Heresy Weekender update.

Welcome to what will probably be a rambling mess of a post...

Meet Up.
So the weekend was the now regular meeting of myself, Nife and Maelstrom. Added into the mix was Grizz from across the northern border. He does not have a blog, yet, but we are working on him.

I didn’t get any pictures of the games we played, to be honest I couldn't be arsed.

But we played Dreadball Extreme for the first time, which I wound highly enjoyable. I ignored for the most part scoring points and just took advantage of the no holds barred nature of the game and spent my time kicking the crap out of the other team and trying to kill as many as possible.

My kind of game.

After the delights of Dreadball Extreme Grizz (when he finally arrived, he got lost 100 yards from the house, even with a picture from Google which had a big arrow pointing to it) introduced us to X-Wing. This again proved a hit with us all. Very similar to Aeronautica Imperialis, though with simpler basic rules (though we didn't play the advanced rules so that may bring it closer still).

I was Darth Vader at one point. I got killed.

The Heresy Weekender 2015.
Saturday and Sunday saw us at the Heresy Weekender. I've been to all three now and each one has been excellent. Entertaining and interesting seminars and lots of new toys to look at.

Naturally I spent some money; thankfully not too much...cue the obligatory pictures of new things...

The Korps mug is not for me. I already have my Death Guard one.

I don't know why I needed so many badges. I don't wear badges.

I also picked up some show only figures and two packs of Destroyers (with jump packs), alas they had none left so I'm waiting for them to turn up.

The highlights of the Seminars were the FW ones covering new models and the Tempest book and the seminar on the Art of the Heresy (which was also good last year).

I would quite happily go and see Tony Cottrell doing a lecture tour.

I also got to speak briefly with Andy Hoare who to my surprise actually follows this here blog and was a thoroughly nice chap (if you are reading this Andy, hello, it was nice to meet you).

Warhammer World Opening.
So I found myself buying a ticket for the Warhammer World opening on the 16th May.

Only a tenner so I thought what the hell, especially as Tempest may be there to buy – if it is te saving in postage will pay for the ticket.

Now I have seen what is going to be happening I am actually quite looking forward to it. Should be a good day out.

Moving On.
So in the coming weeks I shall hopefully be finishing off the Mekboy Junka and getting back to the Daemons.

I also plan on picking up some Meganobs to allow me to put together an Ork Zone Mortalis force – after all now I have the boards I do need to have an army to field in it.

You can bet amongst working on those I will end up distracted and do one or two other things as well.

I will be having a clear out of some bits soon. Clear some shelf space of unwanted bits and also hopefully make some money back before spending on more resin...

I shall post up links to the auctions when they finally go up.

To finish here are a few extra pictures from the Weekender...


  1. They're selling Death Korps mugs?!?!!!


    1. They sure are, at events only though.

      Oh there is also the Death Korps T-shirt.

  2. Damn, why do I have to live in France away from those wonderful events?

    Well, at least my wallet is grateful... :)

    1. Well you can pick them up on eBay, though with an increase in price of course...alternatively you ask someone who is attending an event (like the forthcoming WHW Opening) to pick one up for you...