Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Mekboy Junka 29

Update on the Junka after I managed to get some time in.

Nothing major (i.e. i've not done the second turret yet), but plenty enough to show.

First up at the front of the Junka I've detailed up the top and added the hinge pieces to the hatch.

At the rear I did some re-modelling. I was never happy with how the rear door sat overhanging the hull at the top. So I cut the top panel at the rear and then reworked it with new panelling. Plenty of rivets was then added.

I also added the rivets down the sides and added a back up exhaust (from a Killa Kan).

I've not added the actual exhaust bit yet, i'll do that at the end. 

Talking of the turret I started the base piece for it:

That's all for a few days now on the Junka as I have three boxes of Mega Nobz on order. They will eventually be part of the Ork Zone Mortalis force, but I have ordered them now as I think some of the spare bits for the Big Mek will come in very handy on the Junka, especially the upcoming turret. So I am going to wait till they arrive and I can have a play with the bits to see how the may contribute to the design.

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  1. That vehicle is really coming along nicely.