Sunday 14 September 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Update & Decimator 4

More of a general update tonight. I've not had much time and with me going on holiday Friday i'm not going to get much in model wise for the next fortnight or so.

I did though take advantage of decent weather to get everything that was built undercoated.

Updated State of Play chart -
with the huge difference of the Plague Hulk now marked as Built.

I did have the new Decimator arrive from eBay-land. Decent cast, will need a bit of cleaning up but not much.

As you can see it came with a CCW and a Butcher Cannon. Now for the first Decimator I built a Butcher Cannon for it and I have to say I actually prefer the version I did...

The FW one just looks so weedy, hardly worthy of the name 'Butcher'.

So this Butcher is going to go and turned into something else.

The question is what do I do for the second weapon? I am thinking one of the following:
1. Buy a second FW close combat weapon.
2. Convert my own CCW which looks different to the stock one (a Nurgley infected weapon perhaps).
3. Build a Storm Laser.
4. Build a Soul Burner Petard which I will give to the first Decimator and give its Butcher Cannon to this one.

I am most tempted to go with 2 or 3.


  1. Your Own CCW would give the model character and help it standard out. I love weather breaks for priming fest. It's one of the reasons I always have a few spare cans of primer ready for use!

    1. I am leaning towards the CCW option, possibly basing it on a Dread arm.

  2. I agree with Greg, number two. Besides, Decimators are built for getting up close and personal! Two DCCW

    1. Dunno about that as the one I have proved to be an excellent weapons platform, putting out a lot of firepower combined with great survivability.

      However I'm probably going with a CCW...

  3. You saying you have painted models?

  4. Hey, was wondering if you still sold those Zone Mortalis Pillars. Might be interested in buying one.

    1. Hi, yeah. Details can be found on the 'Items for Sale' page above. If you are interested drop me an email on the address listed on that page. Cheers.


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