Saturday, 6 September 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Beasts of Nurgle 4 & State of Play

So the Toad build is done.

I ended up doing little pieces here and there since the last pictures were took. Unfortunately I couldn't pull their horns out, they are just stuck in too well.

I modified a couple of them, adding GS to one and cutting another down. All three are now based, though the one will not be glued to his base till after the painting is done.

Doesn't he look cute in the bottom right shot?

The chap above is the one who will be painted before he gets glued into place. I built the base out of some slate and a load of GS. He had his horn cut down and I hollowed out the tip. I'm tempted to take the dremel to it down and deepen the hollow.

State of Play

I decided to take stock just where I am with the Nurgle Daemon army.

When I started picking up some of Papa Nurgle's minions the plan was to have a small force which I could use either as an allied contingent to my Militia or as a stand alone force in small games such as Zone Mortalis.

It has grown somewhat larger than this.

One reason why I wanted a small Daemon force was for the aim of actually having a painted army, something I have never had despite the amount of years I have spent in this hobby. The other was the limited options available with a mono god daemon army.

Forge World ave meant this army has expanded, the options they provide opens up a mono build to far more interesting paths. GW also chipped in with the Plague Drones which brought something new to the putrid forces of Nurgle.

So shamelessly ripping off the idea from Mordian 7th here is a chart showing the state of each unit.

I didn't realise just how little I had completely finished until I did the above, or just how much I had in a PIP state.

You may notice that there are two Decimators shown, and I now what you are asking 'where is this second Decimator Rictus?', well the answer is somewhere in the postal system as I only bought it off ebay yesterday.

That lot comes to 2700 points, not including Scabby though it does include the GW GUO that I have but don't like - he is just filling in till GW finally redo him. As you can see they really have grown some way past the point of just being allies. I still have a Heavy Support slot unfilled...

I think the way forward is to turn some more of those greens to blue...


  1. They look great. I really like the little additions you have added. I love nurlge armies and they have the added advantage of being easier/quicker to paint :)

  2. Really great job on these guys. Also love the chart, because I'm also ripping that from Mordian as well. It's a great way to stay organized!