Monday 4 February 2019

Horus Heresy Weekender 2019 - Horus Heresy, Adeptus Titanicus, Necromunda

So, I am now back from the Horus Heresy Weekender 2019 and I have had time to sort through the pictures (400+).

So welcome to picture dump No. 1 - New stuff.

I'll add whatever info I can remember as well.

The below covers new models, previews etc for Horus Heresy, Adeptus Titanicus and Necromunda.

The Horus Heresy.

Book 8 should be out in a couple of months. Probably. Maybe.

Some interesting titbits I remember:

Blood Angels:

Pre-Sang years were dark and broody and not too mention a bit of eating of flesh.

Mention was made of them being a 'fire and forget' force, basically sent in and abandoned to get on with it with little thought or support. They can recruit from worlds other Legions wouldn't do due to the quality of the stock (e.g. effected by radiation or mutation).

Sanguinius was their salvation and shaped them into a way to help save them from themselves.

White Scars:

Before the Khan the Vth operated as stand alone forces scattered out at the forefront of the Crusade.

As force suffered greatly from attrition fighting so far away from support etc.

The Khan had to shape this disparate group, each force could number from a handful to hundreds, each with different traditions, fighting styles or even languages.

They have used not just Mongol influences in the range but from all over Asia.

Dreadnoughts - They have them. But they are organised in their own brotherhood and their main role is to defend important sites (such as gene seed storage) or space ships etc. However they are highly respected (though also somewhat discomforting to other White Scars) so if they say they want to come along no one would refuse them, but it is seen as a bad omen to have a Dreadnought come along for a campaign or battle.


The list looks really interesting. Each unit is a blank slate (e.g. Daemon Cavalry or Daemon Infantry) but you can then add in options. This could lead to replicating the Daemons we know from 40k or something else.

Daemons have their own objectives, way of fighting etc. Really shakes things up.

Note the armour above shows a Blood Angel before they were united with Sanguinius and renamed Blood Angels.

The marine here is from the Pre-Khan days.

Other new models...

The Latest Timeline...

A view to Book Nine.

Dark Angels:

Some things to think about:

Technology/Weapons not available to other Legions or the Mechanicum.

This includes Terran pattern Automata, Big E kept it from the AM incase he needed someone to put the cogboys in their place.

While on the surface they look much like a 'standard' legion, they have unique formations (i.e. the Wings) on which to call upon.

Also in the book:

The Thramas Crusade is a massive event, not just Marine on Marine, but also Mechanicum and Dark Mechanicum, Imperial Army and Titan Legions.

As such expect more in the book than just the DA.

Adeptus Titanicus:

Lots and lots to come, couple of years planned out. More terrain, more titans, more knights, more books...


EDIT: Remembered something else. I asked Andy Hoare about the female Orlock and Goliath gangers. They are being done by scupltors in their spare time, these sort of projects are done as freelance and if FW like them they then buy them off the sculptor. The Orlocks are very nearly finished and are looking good, so it shouldn't be too long before we see them released by FW.

This looks so damn good.

There is a huge amount already in the works and lots more in the planning stage.

First up the basic gang is being expanded to include specialist gangers and prospects - who are basically juves who need to do something (e.g. use a weapon which is as dangerous to the user as to someone you target) to prove themselves worthy of joining the gang proper.

You can also align your gang to a guild, or a criminal enterprise. or a Noble house. Each brings benefits, but also responsibilities. This includes 'representatives' of say the Guild who can work with the gang (typically a leader, a second in command and a couple of bodyguards).

Expect at some point a second box set for each gang bringing more options and sculpts.

We also have a whole slew of new hanger on and bounty hunter models.

Note, the winged guy is not a Spyrer - he is a former Van Saar who now hires himself out to gangs and preys on people to take the tech he finds interesting.

The two Catallus twins work together, or as individuals.

Above - a non-sanctioned psyker, below - a sanctioned one.

Rex and Vorgen often work together.

Rex is an explosive expert (but not always, see his arms). Andy Hoare was particularly pleased with the name he came up for him.

Some of the Guilder, first the Corpse Guild.

Then the Promethium Guild.

And we have the Slave Guild.

Water Guild.

After that we have the criminal enterprises...

Looking forward to how the game is expanding, first the Badzones, areas of the Hive which are even more dangerous than the usual dangerous areas.

Looking further ahead we have other Hives...

And then moving out of the Hives... warned though this is some time off. Some is little more than brainstorming in the last week or so.

Interesting picture and model set, how the different gangs compare size and shape wise.

And in the second seminar we saw more upcoming model releases.

Note - a missed getting a picture of the second set.

The Squat ammo-jack does not just take part in home turf scuffles, but goes out with the gang.

Next is some great concept work by Mark Bedford. This is for things that will not show up for probably years

More Guild concept work.

Below is a Juve Prospect with a arc welding weapon that is as likely to kill him and anyone else. But if it doesn't he's on a fast track line into the gang.

New models on show!

Right, that was a lot of pictures.


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