Monday, 26 November 2018

40K Vigilus Open Day - Part 2

Second set of pictures from Saturday's Open Day at Warhammer World.

These are of anything that was on display or from Golden Demon entries that took my eye and on review had decent quality pictures.

Golden Demon Entries:

Small Diorama pieces & Golden Demon Winners Display:

Lord of the Rings Display.

Catachan v Dark Eldar diorama.

Note - the pictures are pretty crap of this so viewing them full size isn't a great option...


  1. Great selection, thanks for sharing. That last one with the jackie chans looks like a 41st millennium Vietnam firebase - should have burnt back the perimeter a bit more!

  2. No worries.

    It was a very nice diorama, shame the pictures I took did not match it in quality.

  3. Dude, your site never disappoints. Come for the awesome propaganda posters, stay because the new content is just as hot.


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