Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Necromunda 1

An actual blog post. With models.

I am somewhat enthused by the new Necromunda, speaking to the Specialist Games designers and seeing what is coming at the Weekender has really given me a push into doing something for it.

While I do like the new gang models a lot I am not really fussed into doing a gang from one of the Houses.

I am more interested in the Bounty Hunters and Hired Guns, there seems to be a lot of scope for characters and going your own way.

While the Bounty Hunter list is not out yet in White Dwarf I have already started putting some figures together.

There is no real plan, i'm just seeing where it takes me.

I started by breaking up and rebuilding the Goliath model I got free at an event at WHW as well as building the first two of the Hired Guns I picked up from Forge World.

I replaced the shaft of his weapon with a bit of brass rod. Drilling out the hand was a tense thing.

I picked up an Orlock sprue for bits. First guy is a little obsessed with knives.

Since then I started with a couple of sisters, who, let's say have gone through some changes.

They are called Patience and Honesty.

Also from a Sicarian set I knocked up a couple of sentry drones...

After them we have The Good Doctor

I'm having fun with these. They still not some cleaning up etc and I have another on the chopping block as we speak.

They'll all be getting back stories.

More to come.


  1. They are looking rather tasty.
    I'm a big fan of 'Munda and feel that the possibilities for 'gang' evolution offer a more narrative and involved hobby experience than 40k does at the moment. It feels very similar to Inquisitor in its scope and 'gangs' will only be limited by a players imagination.

    Looking forward to seeing how these turn out, nice work.

    1. Same here, we are going to be playing it more like Inquisitor with story led games rather than taking a gang and doing a campaign etc.

  2. Sweeeeet - Those all look fantastic, great builds!

  3. These models are all fantastic!


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