Monday, 27 November 2017

40k Open Day 2017

So I was at the 40k Open Day Saturday and as always here are some of the pictures I took, plus a bit of info.

Specialist Games.

Blood Bowl:

Elf Union team out soon (as we've seen obviously).
We may see the next team in January before being released within a few months after that.
Nurgle team is "in production" which could mean many things, not being boxed up at the moment...though I hope it will be the one in the new year. Bloaters sound great.


Orlocks are next (again we we've seen) with Gang War II coming along at the same time with rules for them.
By the end of next year we will have the big six gangs out.
Also coming - spring time was mentioned - we'll have Genestealer Cult, Chaos Cult and Bounty Hunter gangs in White Dwarf.
The Chaos gang is based around the Dark Vengeance cultists, but you can add things like a Spawn and a psyker. It was mentioned that the chaos gang are based around the idea of dissatisfied hivers and workers rebelling against the tyrants above and calling on the chaos gods to help them.

Pictures for Necromunda:


Also for Necromunda are the gaming boards for Warhammer World and the new piece for the exhibition hall. First up the gaming boards, do love those areas of chemical pools.

Then the exhibition pieces, plus some other Necromunda diorama pieces that were on show.

Other new stuff on show from Forge World:

Exhibition Hall:

The new Necron display:

Some other new displays:

Quite surprised to see this one piece, as it uses some of the propaganda posters I created years ago.

Other pictures, either from stuff on show, in the exhibition hall or from some gaming tables:



  1. Thanks for the information. Specially for chaos cults.

    Something about genestealer cults?

    1. I didn't get any more info on GC other than them being in White Dwarf sometime in the Spring.

  2. Fantastic pics as always - Appreciate the effort and the share!

  3. Thanks for the information and pictures!

  4. Excellent photos as always, cheers!

  5. Cheers for posting. That necro stuff is great!


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