Friday, 30 December 2016

Recalcitrant Daze - Twitter, Open Day, Buying Stuff, Models.

That title is a bit of a mouth full isn't it?

New Years Open Day.

This Monday I'll be at the Open Day at Warhammer World. Most likely spending more money than I should.

As always I'll have my camera with me and I'll do one or two posts on RD. However I will also put up the odd picture on Twitter during the actual event. Not done that before but thought it might be fun to do.


Must admit thus far I've quite enjoyed the whole Twitter experience. Seems easy to join in without it being too much of a distraction or taking up all the spare time.

As I mentioned above I will probably be using Twitter to post up a few pictures during the Open Day, so if you want to see some pictures earlier than normal from me pop along to Twitter and look up @Rictus40k

Buying Stuff:

Went on a bit of a spending spree book wise recently...

The two Apocrypha books were a definite to buy and join the softback Astartes version I have.

Not really sure why I bought the two Codex books, it was partly to get the free postage when I ordered the Apocrypha books I have to admit...doubt I'll ever actually use any of the rules in them but they were a nice enough read.

The Index Chaotica Apocrypha book arrived damaged unfortunately. Alas due to their limited nature GW couldn't replace it with a new one. However I can't fault their customer service as they both refunded the cost and gave me a voucher.

Joining those two books will be the new anniversary edition of Rogue Trader which goes on sale at the Open Day. I've got an original on the shelf but it's too fragile to actually read so I am looking forward to getting the new one and being able to read it properly again.


I've actually been working on some models.

Shocking, I know.

Hopefully you saw the update on the Decimators already and now I am looking at the Adeptus Mechanicum Zone Mortalis force. While the full force will be 1000 points the aim is to get the first 500 done by the Heresy Weekender.

The path of Heresy begins with a small step.

Update to come soon (I hope).

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