Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Decimators 11

An update.

With actual models.

That I have worked on.

I should be working on my AM force for an upcoming game, but instead my attention returned to my two Decimators. You may remember that I had one Decimator built with a second as a WIP.

The built Decimator needed a new 80mm base to match the second one and also needed a CCW (due to me not reading the rules right when I built it, turns out if you have a conversion beamer you can't take a second ranged weapon which screws me over a bit).

So my first job was the base. I didn't want to pull the Decimator of its base as I was sure it'll just break. Instead I took an 80mm base, cut a hole in it and fitted it round the existing base, this was trickier than it sounds. It was then textured to suit.

For the CCW I used the standard claw from FW, I couldn't be arsed making my own which I had been thinking about doing at one point.

One thing I really don't like about the Decimator model is the wrist and leg joints, the bits that look like this:

For a start they never seem to be cast well, one side always seems to be at an angle or twisted. But the main issue is that they are so damn fragile. They very easily break and are an absolutely bitch to fix, there is almost no area of contact between the body and the hinge parts.

On this first Decimator one of the wrist pieces broke off and I have had a nightmare trying to sort it. I won't bore you with the details but I really wanted to put him through the window at one point. It took super glue, two part epoxy, Green Stuff and some brass rod to - I think - resolve it.

In the end the first Decimator looks like this...

For his younger brother I got the body all finished, the Claw done and finished the base off.

You may (but probably not) remember I wanted to make one half of him more Nurgley than the other, as thought he Daemon inside is slowly spreading it's influence working from one side to the other.

So I fixed the one shoulder plate in place allowing me to add more GS and bed the plate in more.

As you can see I also added the Decimator head. I spent a long time contemplating and mocking up alternatives but in the end nothing else really felt right. So I went with the stock head plate but attacked it with the Dremel and added GS around it, again as though the Daemon inside is slowly corrupting all of the body to it's true nature.

The second shoulder plate is not glued on (for ease of painting later). In the pic above it is just blu-tac'd in place. You may notice is doesn't fit exactly the same as the right shoulder plate - this isn't an issue or a problem, I wanted a bit of difference to show how the right shoulder plate is being distorted and moved by the growths inside.

Not much really to see on the Claw weapon.

I have mounted all of the magnets on both Decimators in the same position, so if I want I can use any weapon on either Decimator. So if I wanted I could go with one walker with two Claws. Also means I can come up with more weapons later and have them fit into any arm on any Decimator.

Annoyingly I found I was one magnet short, so the Butcher Cannon below is just held on with blu-tac for now.

And the two brothers together:

Well they were a pain in the arse.


  1. Did they change them to 80mm bases, or were you just going for Scenic Option?

    1. I don't know if they have changed the base size for the Decimator, but the Leviathan and Deredeo Dreads both come with 80mm and they are in the same size order as the Decimator so I decided to make the change. 60mm bases just don't look right on the Decimators.


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