Saturday, 17 September 2016

Aeronautica Imperialis.

I've not touched any models since the last post, but as usual that's not stopped me buying more...

I have been a fan of Aeronautica Imperialis since the first book came out and I am still disappointed FW canned it when GW pulled the Epic range. While there is a chance the new Specialist Games department may bring it back the fact is it would almost certainly be in the new Epic scale.

You may (but probably don't) remember I picked up some Chaos aircraft from eBay a while back so that I could finally put together a Chaos airforce. They cost me a fortune but ever since then I have been keeping my eye on eBay for more aircraft, but Chaos and others so that I could expand the playing options.

So last week I hit gold by picking up a single auction for a large amount of aircraft. It arrived yesterday...

Once combined with the aircraft I already have I'll have a large Chaos force.

But that isn't all that was in the box, oh no...

A decently sized complete Tau force. With fighters, bombers, large transport and AA units this covers everything I'll need.

But that's not the end, the box contained a third force, larger than the other two.

A full, large Eldar force. With Nightwing Interceptors, Phoenix Fighter-Bombers, Vampire Raiders and Vampire Bombers as well as some AA units we have enough there to play any scenario from small to large.

Alas the Eldar will not be staying with me as Nife will be having those.

I might start looking at that Chaos force soon, might be what get's me back into the swing of things again.

Though the Chaos force will be large it will be missing two big elements.

1. A Chaos Thunderhawk to give some transport craft in the force.
2. One of these buggers:

Isn't it awesome?


  1. Awesome! I always love the Aeronautica Imperialis stuff and kick myself for never getting in on it when it was available. Good stuff, looking forward to seeing 'em painted up!

    1. Aye, if I had known it was all going to be pulled I would have bought so much of it...same with the FW Battlefleet Gothic ships.

  2. OMG ! A Harbringer !

    The Emperor Protects........ fortunately.

    1. Not enough when that thing flattens your entire city.

  3. It is awesome, I've debated attempting to scratchbuild the suoerheavy bomber in 40k scale. Thst woukd be a HUGE project.

    1. It would be massive and highly impractical, but it would be awesome to see.

      I do remember seeing WIP of a 40k scale one but don't remember ever seeing it finished.


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