Sunday, 23 August 2015

Recalcitrant Daze - Tats, Art Books and a Painted Junka.

So, that went well.

A highly productive week where I haven't touched a model. It's been that post holiday back to work nightmare week. Combined with a few other things it has meant I've done absolutely nothing hobby wise.

The only good news is that the 3D prints I had done for the Heavy Weapon teams have arrived. So this week I will (probably) be getting on with cleaning those up and getting some moulds and casts done. The mortar and missile launcher teams can them be re-built and finished off.

In other news my latest tattoo was finished off this week...

And in related art news I had the new sketch book by Karl Kopinski turn up. An excellent book from one of my favourite artists. I have always loved sketch work (hence the tat above), and a really nice touch is that in the first 1000 books Karl Kopinski is doing an original sketch inside it. I think he still has a few hundred left from the initial 1000 books, so if you act quickly you can get one with an original one off sketch inside as well.

You can find more info and order the book from Karl Kopinski's Facebook page.

To finish off I had a surprise this week when I had an email from the person who commissioned the last Ork build I did, namely this Junka...

He sent me a few pictures of the now painted Junka. It is very rare I get to see the commissions I do actually with paint on them so it was very nice to get the pictures.

Hopefully this week I will manage to pick up some models.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Wonderful to see the Junka all painted up! I remember watching all the progress pics going on. Nice conclusion to an epic build! Tattoo looks ace by the way!

    1. Aye it was nice to see the pics.

      Cheers, was worth the many hours of pain.

  2. Man that Junka was gorgeous even before paint. Now look at it! is that your knee?

    1. My knee is just out of shot, just below the bottom of the picture.


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