Thursday, 7 November 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - (insert witty title here)

It’s been a bit quiet over the last week, alas Real LifeTM has gotten in the way leaving me with little hobby time.

So I thought I’d do one of these general posts I used to do every month (and no doubt bored everyone with).

The only work I have managed to do since the last updates is a brief evening on Scabby. He’s now a horny little Daemon:

Isn't he lovely?
Of other hobby related news a couple of weeks back my copy of Massacre arrived and it is a very lovely tome indeed.

Also arriving at my door, somewhat late, was my new Dreadball team, along with a pitch, cards and other bits required to play.

This weekend is the IPMS model show which I, along with Maelstrom if he remembers, will be going to. As previously I shall be taking plenty of pictures so expect some popping up on here. It appears that Forge World aren’t attending this year which is a big shame but I will no doubt still spend money (I know I will as I intend to stock up on rubber and resin).

Erm, that's about it.

Expect an update on the model show over the weekend, and hopefully something on the Junka and Scabby in the week.

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