Saturday, 30 November 2013

Mekboy Junka 14

I almost got the Deff Rolla finished earlier before I had to go out, but as I grabbed pictures I thought i'd do an update now anyway. Once the last few touches are done on it i'll do some overall sots to show what the whole thing looks like now.

So the Deff Rolla itself is the GW one, but I've made new support arms to suit the Rhino hull.

The Deff Rolla needed to be removable, so I mounted strong magnets onto the hull and used the same sized ones on the support arms. You can see below I incorporated the GW part from their support arm into these two.

The Rolla itself will not be glued to anything, it is held in place by the support arms.

I decided to add more support as it made the whole thing far more solid and cut out any tilting or slippage in the assembly when the vehicle was picked up:

The new additional arm pieces need finishing off which should be knocked out tonight easy enough.

After that we have the following left to do...
1. SAG 'barrel'.
2. Last details and tidy up.

So not much really.


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