Sunday, 9 October 2011

Recalcitrant Daze - Six Months and Counting...

Six months gone; how time seems to pass us by.

The past month was something of a mixed bag, perfectly summed up by Games Day UK. 

Games Day had a few good points but many bad ones as well. As I said in the post here I doubt I will be going next year.

On the good side the deadline of Games Day meant I got Da Choppa finished. Combined with making a start on the Deffstrike Rokkit Launcha last month was a very productive one. On the other hand since Games Day I have done almost nothing due to illness. The BFG ships I picked up on the day have been started but instead of being all finished by this weekend as I expected I haven’t even finished building them, let alone got paint on them.

The article I was going to do for Bell of Lost Souls has remained on the drawing board only as well.

So the hope is next month the production level will rise...

Plan (which will with 100% certainty change a lot over the month to the point that it is almost worthless):

1.    Finish Renegade Marine Ships for BFG.
2.    Finish Rokkit & start working on the Launcha vehicle
3.    Loot vehicle for Bell Of Lost Souls article

Unfortunately one weekend will be a wash out due to being away and I have also made commitments to help put a new kitchen such model time will be limited...

Fingers crossed at least one thing on that plan gets done.

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