Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ork Dread Mob 4

Well as expected the 'plan' didn't hold up well.

Started building some Killa Kans...

As with the Dreads the Kans need to be modified to fit in with my converted tanks, as such they take a lot longer than simply out of the box. Need to distress all the plates, replace rivets and make them more individual.

Quite a lot left to do obviously, will probably tackle the legs and feet next.


  1. Looking really good! Love the killa kan kits, so much versatility, but you've definitely taken it one step beyond. Can't wait to see more!

  2. I've gotta hand it to you... you're making them look mighty tempting to work with an Ork army. I haven't played one since 2nd Ed, and I've avoided them religiously since...

    But you make it mighty tempting. Nice work.

  3. Cheers very much.

    Still plenty to do on them but so far I am enjoying the Kans as much as the Dreads. Though it is bugging me that top left and middle bottom have the same vision plate...may have to change one of them a bit.