Sunday, 4 February 2018

Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender 2018 - Part 2

I am now home with more time to sort and post up pictures.

Horus Heresy:

Space Wolves Infantry packs:


Rogal Dorn:

Slides from the Malevolence Preview:

Add Space Wolves to that slide, missed grabbing the picture.

New Model Preview Seminar...

Plus the models that later appeared.

New transport, available to Solar forces and Militia. It is a 'modular' chassis, so expect varients.

The awesome looking Termite.

Available to Legions forces, Army and Adeptus Mechanicum.

Will Hayes built this display board to show how it moves after it emerges:

And then we have the Mole, this is a super heavy and will be AM only (at present, who knows if that may change). It is not just a Termite upscaled, they are different things designed by different people (literally and figuratively).

Retro Land Speeder.

Seems to be an Event and WHW only model. Will Hayes has also designed a forward fairing for possible future developments. The weapon can be mounted on top or under the front.

New Acastus Knight, with massive Conversion Beamers.

Yeah, this guy...Anacharis Scoria

Alpha Legion Terminators:

Alpharius (Omegon?) himself.

Not in the preview but on show:

New weapon system for the Deredeo - probably end up as an AA system.

New Dread Drop Pod.

New Dread to go in it.



  1. Ah new studded Contemptor, looks ace and re-worked Drop Pod has fixed the hinges problem, I ‘need’ one!

    1. I spoke to the designer - the contemptor is a proof of concept and has not been given the green-light for production. He envisaged it as an add-on kit, with extra parts to show a body that has been patched in the field during the later part of the Heresy when parts were scarce. The reverse has extra cabling to show by-passing of systems.

    2. I heard him say that to someone...I might have been standard behind you when you talked to him...

      Didn't manage to get a picture of his back, it was a very popular stand once the new toys came out.

  2. Nice to see the return of the Termite, my Squats will be very happy! Also, Magos Spiderman looks super creepy!

    1. Yeah I was delighted to see the Termite. Shame you can't put termies in it, but I am very tempted to get a couple for the Death Guard.


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