Monday, 14 August 2017

Forge World Open Day 2017 - Part 1

Here are the pictures from today's Forge World Open Day.

These are just of anything new on display. Pics from exhibitions etc will wait till part two.

Specialist Games:

First a bit of info from chatting to the Specialist Games team.

NOTE: I'm not a reporter, I wasn't recording things or taking notes so:

  1. I may have misheard, 
  2. I may have mis-remembered, 
  3. I may have misunderstood and 
  4. things change.

So while I am happy to pass on anything I heard  it is no guarantee things won't happen differently...

Specialist Games is all plastic, so that's BB teams, Necromunda gangs etc. Star Players, special characters etc will remain resin though. While they would like these to be plastic they just don't have enough designers to do that. Most star players are done in peoples free time outside of work and then bought by FW on a freelancers rate.

Necromunda is not the reason for Adeptus Titanicus being pushed back. Necro has been in the plans since March (I think it was March) and the release date is pretty much still on course. AT has been pushed back because it has grown far beyond what was originally planned.

The White Dwarf which has the pictures of Mortarian which leaked recently also has the Necro preview in, so it's a surprise pics of that didn't leak as well.

Blood Bowl:

Gobbo pitch won't be around till there is a second team to go on the back of it (so presumably the Elven Union).

Elven Union will hopefully be out for Christmas.

Minotaur (first previewed at Warhammer Fest) comes with alternative heads and arms.

The forthcoming second Troll is resin and if the previews are still the same will come with alternative heads.

Elven Union team...the two figures we had there are...


Yup, Necromunda...the buggers kept that quiet.

Plastic gangs - Escher and Goliath in the box set which will not contain plastic terrain but will have card terrain so it can be used straight out of the box. This keeps the price down as many will already have terrain for it.

More gangs beyond the original houses will be coming out.

The rules are not just the last versions but all new, biggest change will be going away from the I go - you go turns.

Bases will be available separately, nothing bigger than 40mm currently planned.

Plastics will have lots of options and interchangeability etc. Lots of ways to customise.

Heresy & 40K

Custodes, Sisters...

The ever growing Sicaran line...

New range of Legion doors...all 18 are underway.

Space puppy guy.

Age of Sigmar:

Khorne Dragon progresses:


  1. Echo both sentiments above! What size bases, were the Necromunda figures on? Just trying to get sense of scale, are they 40K or AoS sized?

    1. No worries.

      40k and AoS are the same scale.

      Escher Gangers were on 25mm bases and the Goliaths were on 32. There will probably be some figures on 40mm (heavy weapon guys perhaps?).

  2. Greg & Aaron - no worries, happy to share.

  3. Great photos and thanks for the coverage! Nice to see the minotaur will have head and arm options.

    1. It did look very nice. His first go at sculpting on a computer.

  4. thanks for this info!!

    Do you know something about the rulebook? Will be rules only for goliath and escher, or for the 6 initials gangs? or more?


    1. I didn't ask the question and nothing specific was said on that, but the way he spoke about it being 'initially the original six gangs' I thought it would be all six in the rulebook, however he also said the release would be like Blood Bowl which might mean box has rules for just the two gangs in it and we get an expansion on release (like Season One for Blood Bowl) to expand it out to the other four.

      But in reality that is all guess work and thinking out loud. I am sure we will know more soon as their is a preview of Necromunda in the same White Dwarf Mortarian is revealed in.

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing, you are a pretty good reporter in fact ! 😎👍🏻

  6. Excellent as always, now I can paint up my Delaques. And hopefully they produce more boxes than they did for Overkill!

    1. Well all being well they said there will be further gangs coming after the 'big six'.

  7. I'd buy your newspaper - no faffing about style of reporting, just facts without the fluff.

    Some really cool stuff upcoming. Might get started on my old Orlock gang sooner than I had thought.

  8. Thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to share your pictures and what you remembered. Cheers.

  9. Thanks for the more in depth information and photos. Quite a lot was left out on the community website on the day (I suppose so those at the open day got their monies worth for having actually gone)

    I was wondering however, with the Blood Bowl Minotaur that's painted up in the green and purple. Are some of the miniatures behind it new/ with new parts and is it the new chaos renegades team? Don't know if you've any images of those guys behind the Minotaur in focus but they'd be awesome to see if you did.

    1. No images of the other team members. Unless I missed something it was just players taken from existing teams. Didn't spot any new models or conversion bits in there.


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