Sunday, 15 September 2013

Recalcitrant Daze - Getting Back On The Horse

...metaphorically speaking obviously.

So due to the weather I can't build my shed. This did mean I had time free with nothing really to do for the first time in a few weeks.

Cue tidying my desk up and breaking out the model stuff.

I found the box with the Ork Commissions in and had a look at the state of the Junka:

As you may spot I now have some TL Big Shootas for the turret. I picked them up off a bits store before I moved.

I did do a bit of work on the Junka earlier, but i'll save that for a proper update in a day or two.

The other thing I had a look at was Dark Future. I picked this up off eBay a month or two back. I haven't played it for decades...

I put the cars together, though I have left the weapons off for now.

The only thing I have done is put up a couple of pictures.

Top one is the DA Codex cover I picked up from Warhammer World, while the lower one is the signed limited print I picked up from the Heresy Weekender.

The next post on here will be a proper update, showing actual work done on models...

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  1. Good to see you starting again, never played dark future, it was a little before my time does seem a bit like mad max though.

    The prints are cool too.